You’re welcome to contact these clients and attorneys directly. Call my office and I’ll arrange it.



With being arrested and charged with OUI, not only was this my first encounter at all with the law, but it was a very unnerving experience as a whole. After reaching our to Attorney Grant, he met with me, obtained a copy of the police report, and after review, informed me of what my options were. Not only was this reassuring to me, but he was very diligent in the matter. I met with him to go over the case and he explained his strategy to me. Come court day, Attorney Grant did a great job on my behalf getting a favorable result to this matter. I strongly suggest that you hire Attorney Grant if you are facing any criminal charges! –J

Steven was very helpful in my OUI case and allowed me to get a quick and positive resolution. He has extensive knowledge about current OUI laws and was excellent with courtroom procedures. Highly recommended!! –Dave

Steven helped me get a plea deal for my DUI quickly. He was very pleasant to work with, very professional and always ready to help. He is an excellent attorney and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. –K

I reached out to Attorney Steven A. Grant after discovering that I was intentionally misled about the condition of my home during the purchase process-making it nearly unlivable. Having already closed and assumed ownership, I was unsure if there was any recourse available to me. After sharing my story with Attorney Grant, he immediately requested that I share with him the sellers disclosures, my inspection reports, and a few other documents; but more-importantly confirmed that I did, in fact, have a case. After retaining his services, he wrote a demand letter to the former owners, and negotiated with them until we reached a reasonable settlement. All along the way he checked on my progress with resolving the issues and kept me informed about the progress with my case. I would not hesitate to hire him again or to recommend him. –Tara

I was charged with a felony earlier this year and Steve got it dismissed outright. Someone referred me to him and I’m glad they did. Steve got me through a very tough time. He kept me updated, and was very responsive to all my inquiries keeping my anxiety level to a minimum which for me is a big deal. He knows the law and is truly a master of his craft. I will always refer him to others when possible. Thank you Steve for all you help and hard work! —Thomas, MA.

I hired Steve to represent me in an employment contract dispute. He drafted a creative demand letter pointing out some of the finer details of the contract, which led to a settlement that I was happy with. I would definitely hire Steve again. –J

Thank you Steve! Steve was extremely helpful during a stressful time in my life. After only 3 months living in a brand new luxury apartment building, I found out I had to move unexpectedly due to constructional issues with the roof of my building. Having literally just moved, I was beyond frustrated, and of course, worried about all my recent costs and pending future expenses related to moving again. Steve resolved the issue with ease and confidence. His knowledge and support kept me sane and hopeful during this tough time. It was my first time hiring an attorney, and while I hope to never have to again, I know Steve has my back if needed. He’s attentive, personable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Steve Grant. Thank you Steve for your great work. Everything surely worked out in the end. –Debbie

Since 2007, Steve has represented myself and my corporations in many complex business litigation cases in Middlesex Superior Court. He is outstanding. We’ve battled opposing parties, big and small, who’ve been represented by law firms, big and small. We prevail when we’re the plaintiff, and as defendant I’ve never had a judgment entered against me or my companies. I’ve always marveled at his unique approach, and he wins. Hire him. –D., Woburn

I became a landlord when I bought a 3-family in Malden last year. Unfortunately I had a troublesome tenant who also stopped paying rent so I hired Steve for the eviction. She tried to play games but Steve did a great job and obtained a judgment where she had to leave very soon on a specific date. Steve also assisted me with general legal questions around the clock even when it was not during regular business hours. I have referred Steve to TWO other friends with tenants for the great work Steve has done so far, and my two friends are both happy with his service. Steve reduced the stress of dealing with this situation, I recommend him if you are a landlord. –Shirley

My 25 year old son received a criminal citation for operating a vehicle to endanger. He could have lost his license or worse. We were all in a panic, but once we first met with Atty. Grant we knew we had a good shot at getting charges dismissed. That day in court, Steve counseled my son on what to say/not say and what the process would be so that he would be less anxious. Steve got the charges dismissed and it was like a weight off of our shoulders. His approach was just the right one. He is a smart, savvy, honorable attorney. We would definitely use him again!! –Lynne

My former employer tried to prevent me from working for a new computer software company. They sued me in Suffolk Superior Court to enforce a non-compete agreement. A colleague referred me to Steven, who I hired to defend the lawsuit and oppose the preliminary injunction. Steven argued, among other things, that the agreement was invalid and that they couldn’t restrict my livelihood. He was great in front of the judge and very prepared. Well, their injunction was denied and then we had the entire lawsuit dismissed. –A.N.

I was falsely accused of assault and battery, larceny and threat to commit a crime. Steve came highly recommended and I was not disappointed. When all was said and done, Steve got the entire case against me dismissed. He knew the ins and outs of the system and helped me through one of the worst experiences of my life. If you need an excellent lawyer, call Attorney Steven Grant. —M.D., Somerville

Steve represented me as a plaintiff in Middlesex Superior Court. The case went to trial and we won a deserving judgment. This was thanks in part to Steve’s ability to prepare, present his argument, examine witnesses and so on. We were up against an attorney from a reputable Boston firm who was also well prepared, but I felt Steve was just a step of ahead of him. I recommend Steve if you need a lawyer who fights for you and keeps you in the loop on things. And wins!–L.O.

With our young child, we bought a home for $499,000 because the owners represented that the property across the street was conservation land. Well, after the closing, we learned that a broadcasting company really owned it, and it was about to add massive radio towers to it. Long story short, we sold the house at over a $100,000 loss. After some lawyers turned us down, Attorney Grant took our case and we sued for Fraud. We were up against a big downtown Boston firm, which had massive resources, staff and money. It didn’t matter. We forced a very favorable settlement–thanks to Steve. We can’t say enough about him and his style of lawyering. —Kevin and Meredith L., Wellesley, MA

I would like to approach anyone interested in hiring Steven Grant as their attorney; this is a bit of my experience. A multi-national corporation and their huge law firm sued my small company and my wife for misappropriation of trade secrets and other claims. It was a highly complex litigation in Superior Court that spanned almost three years. All times of the day I contacted Steven and he always returned my phone calls, email or faxes immediately. After three years, the case has been resolved favorably. I would like to thank him for the concern and compassion that he had throughout this long span of time. I don’t know what we would have done without him. He is a smart, efficient lawyer with a unique approach. You should hire him because you receive big-firm quality, but with personal attention and without the inflated costs. —Peter B.

“I had a big dispute with my condo’s board of trustees and they claimed penalties and fees in the thousands of dollars. They hired a firm with experts in condo law, to sue me in Cambridge District Court. In searching for a lawyer I came across Steve and he granted me a free consultation. Unbeknownst to me, he had already done some research and outlined a game plan at our meeting. I was very impressed with that effort, as he showed some agressiveness and devoted some time without being retained. After months of litigation, the condo was seeking over $24,000 and it placed a lien on my unit. Eventually, they filed a Motion for Summary Judgment against me. Steve filed an excellent opposition brief that he supported with a persuasive oral argument before Judge Hogan. We won the Motion and they agreed to dismiss the entire complaint. Steve WINS and I’d hire him for ANY legal matter. –Mike Baron

“Steven was the attorney for me when I purchased my home. Steven was very professional and very very responsive. I liked his work on my case and recommend him without any reservations towards your needs. Steven has been in touch even after the closing has been completed. I appreciate him taking time from his busy schedule to find out about our welfare.” –Rajesh M., Stoneham

My apartment in Allston had 95+º uncontrollable heat in the winter, wiring that destroyed my electronics, no hot water for 2 weeks, broken pipes and of course my rodent roommates. Dealing with an uncooperative large property management co. and finding no end in site, Steven gave me hope. I was extremely surprised how quick the defendant wanted to settle once they realized I had a high caliber attorney. The settlement left me extremely satisfied. If you have been wronged–keep records, take pictures and contact Steven Grant. You will be satisfied. –Todd Mitchell

Attorney Grant represented my wife and I in our first home purchase. As with all first time home buyers it can be an intimidating process with a lot of parties all with different motivations. You need an attorney that is going to look after you during the entire process in particular at closing – when you are at your most vulnerable moment – you are so close to owning your home and are most likely just going to breeze through the paperwork. Attorney Grant makes sure that the paperwork is fair and accurate and in your best interest to sign. He did work on some language with the sellers regarding offers and acceptances and helped us navigate the confusing world of title insurance. Often times the boiler plate language isn’t in your best interest – Attorney Grant wasn’t afraid to step in and speak up for your rights. I would highly recommend him for any type of legal issue and particularly real estate transactions. –Craig Billings, Peabody

I hired Attorney Grant for a couple small things. I’m sure he had other “bigger” cases, but he didn’t treat mine like they were small and I really appreciated that. On one case, I was cited for making an illegal U-Turn in Lexington. A clerk denied my appeal in Concord District Court, so then I hired Steve to appeal that decision before a judge. He did a great job arguing my case and questioning the police officer who cited me. We won the appeal, which protected my driving record and meant the fine was waived and my insurance didn’t increase. On the other case, we brought a small claims complaint against my former landlord. There was a brief trial before a clerk-magistrate, and we won.–Jerry W., Lexington

Steven became our attorney over 3 years ago when we found ourselves involved with some serious problems with a property we were buying. We needed an attorney who was assertive, results-oriented and who understood the nuances of real estate law. We got that and more with Steven. After several attorneys turned us down stating we had no case, I contacted Steven who asked me to send him our documentation for him to review. It was an unusually unfair P&S drafted by the seller. I did not anticipate much in terms of findings or good news for that matter, due to the fact that some of the “best,” seasoned and most expensive lawyers in Boston had already reviewed the same materials. To my surprise, he uncovered a weak spot in the P&S that the other attorneys had missed. More importantly, he told us the strategy he would use for resolving our problem, and the Mass. laws that supported it. We retained him immediately and we were ultimately successful. Steven has been retained by us since that day and he’s resolved many issues for us since then. If you need an attorney who you can trust, afford and have faith in, I cannot emphasize enough that Steven A. Grant is the right attorney for you. –Clay E., Quincy

Steve first assisted us with the sale of our condo in Stoneham. It was the first time I sold a property without a real estate agent and I had many questions and concerns. He did a great job explaining the entire process and walked me through each step. He was always accessible and patient. We also hired Steve once more for the purchase of our latest home. –Nathan and Katie M., Wakefield

Steve has advised me on a number of different occasions. He has helped me review some documents for my small business and I have also hired him for three closings. I recommend having an attorney present and available whenever possible, it keeps the other side honest and assures that you don’t miss something that can cost you in the end. I plan on working with Steve again in the near future and recommend you do, as well. He is trustworthy, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. –Ryan G, Reading


“Steven is my go-to lawyer when I wish to refer my clients to a real estate and/or general litigation attorney. He is a zealous advocate for his clients. And, more importantly, he treats my clients with the kind of respect and attention every client deserves. Each time I refer a client to him, I can rest assured that my client will be happy with his services.”

–Patrick Curley, Esq.
Curley Law Firm

“I practice real estate law, so if I have a client facing a lawsuit–whether they would be plaintiff or defendant–I tell them to call Steve. I’ve never received a single complaint–in fact my clients usually call to thank me for recommending him. He’s handled their contract disputes, evictions and various other cases. He’s a sharp attorney with a reputation for tangling with the big firms.”

–Chad DeForce, Esq.

“Attorney Steven A. Grant is an extremely talented lawyer; a must phone call or email for me every time I need legal support with business litigation and Massachusetts real estate matters. Steve is not only smart as hell but he’s a real guy (not just a textbook egghead) whom I respect and trust completely. His creative, timely and affordable solutions consistently overcome complex problems as he professionally and personally leaves most of our colleagues in his dust. Call Steve when you need legal counsel. I do.”

Jonathan D. Messinger, Esquire

“Steve has become an excellent resource for our clients’ litigation needs. We have referred several clients, all of whom have been impressed with his professionalism, responsiveness and the high quality of his legal work. Steve has become our single source for our firm’s litigation cases.”

–Eric Sigman, Esq.
Sigman Law Office, P.C.

“My partner and I have referred a number of our clients, who were in need of litigation services or representation in a landlord-tenant matter, to Attorney Grant. Each has relayed to us their complete satisfaction with Attorney Grant’s representation. We are very comfortable referring our own clients, friends and family to Attorney Grant and will continue to do so, knowing that he provides excellent service and gets results.”

Lisa (Long) Sigman, Partner, Sigman Law Office, P.C.