(Lawsuits and Disputes)

Conflicts are inevitable in every society, due to imperfect communication, malice and/or unpredictable events. Sometimes only one side is to blame for the problem. But even then, the parties should first try to resolve things on their own, avoiding the cost, time and effort of litigation. If unsuccessful, the law provides a forum to address the matter and determine who, if anybody, is entitled to a remedy. You need a skilled attorney to navigate the legal system, and more importantly, to develop a strategy toward a favorable settlement or judgment.

I represent businesses and individuals who are entitled to relief in court, or who require an aggressive defense against unjustified lawsuits. Some clients prefer to avoid court if at all possible, others can’t wait to go before a judge. Whatever the case, we expect surprises and stay prepared for any contingency.

First I’ll assess your situation, and we’ll discuss the strengths of your case and any weaknesses. If I take your case, you will receive zealous, experienced representation. The down side is that you have a problem, but the good news is you’re doing something about it by hiring me. I have a successful track record and clients and colleagues will confirm this upon request.

Civil litigation is the heart of my practice. I handle matters concerning businesses, contracts, landlord-tenant law and real estate, plus certain types of employment disputes. Typically I require an initial retainer, but I take select cases on a contingency basis.

I’ve represented clients in the following courts:

Middlesex Superior Court
Suffolk Superior Court (Business Litigation Section)
Worcester Superior Court

Boston Municipal Court
Boston Municipal Court–Brighton
Cambridge District Court
Charlestown District Court
Chelsea District Court
Clinton District Court
Concord District Court
Dorchester District Court
Dudley District Court
East Boston District Court
Framingham District Court
Lynn District Court
Malden District Court
Peabody District Court
Plymouth District Court
Quincy District Court
Salem District Court
Somerville District Court
Springfield District Court
Taunton District Court
Waltham District Court
West Roxbury District Court
West Springfield District Court
Woburn District Court
Wrentham District Court

Northeast Housing Court
Worcester Housing Court
Southeastern Housing Court