You need an attorney, but which one? You expect excellence, innovation and accessibility.

And why shouldn't you?

For 14 years, I've met and exceeded those expectations for my clients. Whether you have a dispute with a person or business, or you've been accused of a crime, my job is to resolve the situation by asserting and defending your legal rights. As my client, you will receive unique and effective representation. My approach is often different than that of other lawyers, but it works for me and my clients are pleased. Meanwhile, at the outset I'm candid about the strength of your case and estimating your costs. You're welcome to call me for a free consultation.

- Litigation (Lawsuits and Disputes)
- Criminal Defense (including OUI/DUI)
- Landlord and Tenant Law
- Employment Disputes

Quote of the Month, September 2018:
“You cannot live without the lawyers, and certainly you cannot die without them.” - Joseph H. Choate